Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Hi All,
Thought we would put up a post with some pictures of some of the people we have been hanging out with here.

This is Kong. As exemplified in the picture, he is generally not a very smiley-type guy...but he was rolling on the floor laughing in one of our classes the other day. Just seeing him laugh like that got me going to the point of tears.

This guy is Baixino. He appears to be pregnant...

And this is Maçete, whose capoeira is so fast, he does three movements for every one of mine.

And this is the exceptionally talented Negão, who we know from Canada. He speaks great English and has been just wonderful to talk to since I don't understand 100% of what is said here (maybe 50-60% on a good day). It is so nice to have a break from Portuguese sometimes.

This next guy is the aptly named Sapo, who does crazy flips.

And Cabaça with Maçete, two guys we train with at Pitbull's academy.

And last but not least is Pitbull himself, who has taught us a ton over the last couple of months.

Anyway, all is well here. We started taking our Malaria pills today in preparation for our trip to the Amazon. We leave in exactly a week. Side effects of the pills include depression, hallucinations, nightmares, irritability, etc. We'll let you know how it goes. That is all for now!


Blogger Cailin Mundy said...

Hey Guys,

Looks like you are making lifelong friends! Hope that I talk to you before you head to the Amazon. What an experience!!!



12:01 AM

Blogger chris said...

Hey guys - gaf here

Still training with frankie in both capoeira and grappeling. Have been doing some cycling to class which usually means I fall asleep as soon as I get home.

School starts soon so my live will probably revolve around redbulls.

Your trip sounds way cool. I've been working on Frankie to join me in a motorcycle tour of brazil someday. It took him about a heartbeat to say yes.

anyhow cu

11:40 AM

Blogger chris said...

opps, life not live

11:40 AM


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