Friday, May 04, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We've made it home! Safe and sound, and only a little worse for the wear. The ride home was alright, nothing compared to the long bus rides we have taken lately. Anyway, we are thrilled to be back at home and ready to jump right into real life. We've missed everyone, friends and family and really hope to have the chance to catch up soon. Thanks again for reading the blog and stay in touch!
Leanna and Mike
PS: If you have google maps (and if you don't, you it for free at email me or Mike and we will send you a really cool file which follows our trip on the map of South America. It is super cool because you can zoom in and change angles and see pictures of places like porto do galinhas, bahia, el calafate, cuzco, etc.

Our welcome home party at the airport

Back in Calgary at long last!

Can you believe the distance we covered?

The red lines are our treks around Easter Island, as recorded by Ted's GPS and pasted by the same into Google maps

Our four day day trek on the Inca Trail. Crazy eh?


Blogger Ken and Helen said...

Mike and Leanna
We are back home now too. We just arrived in the USA last Monday. Glad you made it back safe-and-sound. Best wishes for the wedding.

3:31 PM


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