Saturday, January 20, 2007

More Buenos Aires!

In Buenos Aires, everyone has at least one dog, and they are all walked by one guy... ok, there are a few dog walkers, but they seem to walk at least a dozen at a time. Unfortunately they don`t pick-up the poop, which turns the sidewalks into minefields.

One of the more famous sites in Buenos Aires is the Recoleta cemetery, where everyone who was anyone is buried.

Some of the mausoleums are quite ornate, including this one, belonging to Bartolomé Mitré, who we believe was a former Argentine President. Pat hasn`t got the pose down quite as well as me, but I`ve had much more practice. I have to work on the muscles a bit, though.

Here is a picture of the cemetery skyline. The most visited site is the Duarte family mausolem, which after some controversy, houses Evita`s remains.

We went on a sunset walking tour of Puerto Madero, which is a growing tourist area before our fantastic steak dinner detailed on the previous blog.

La Boca is a colourful neighbourhood, next to San Telmo. It is home of the famous Boca Juniors fútbol team, which is often the focus of Argentina`s obsession with fútbol. Famous fútbol badboy Diego Maradona played here.

We went to a San Telmo Tango bar for a lesson in the national dance. It is more difficult than it looks, and we are saving the fancy kicks and flicks until at least our second lesson.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Leanna`s mom`s visit!

We`ve been getting into a routine here in Buenos Aires; we`ve got an apartment, we`re taking spanish lessons at the University of Buenos Aires, and now Leanna`s mom has come to visit us for a while! She`s been spoiling us rotten! Last night we went to a restaurant called Cabañas de lilas, which is a well known steak house. Look at the size of my steak... I could hit a home run with that thing!

We`ve been enjoying the Parrilla or BBQ quite alot, and I think I`ve ingested as much beef this week as in all of last year! I even had to try the tripe (don`t recommend it)

We`ve also been to a tango show, which was entertaining, but had much more singing than dancing, which was what the girls were looking for. I think we`ll hit another one pretty soon here.

More pictures and blogs to come! Sorry I`ve been lazy... it`s the holidays!